About Tim


Writing an about me page is a terribly revealing experience! Who takes the time to think "Who am I?" or "How would I describe myself to other people?" The temptation is to brag and be pretentious in order to convince you that I'm important, but instead I looked at my life and made some amazing discoveries.

My life revolves around people. I love people. When I need to make a decision the people that it will affect are always the number one priority.

I'm a husband to my high school sweet heart whom I love more today than I could even have imagined on the day that we we married.

We have three daughters, whom we homeschool: Grace, Lauren and Betty.  Lauren and Betty are named after grandparents and Grace was named because she was exactly that, a grace. Three days a week you can find me around an Ikea table set to its lowest setting helping my children learn math or phonics or making some type of mess with chemistry. Life is very busy and very full with my wife and I both having careers AND trying to homeschool well, but the time we each get to spend with our children is so beautiful that we make it work.

I love wedding photography because I love people and being a photographer allows me to see the beauty of you and your love for each other. The most important thing, for me, is to love another person and therefore I am also immensely interested in other peoples love for each other. I'm amazed and extremely grateful that I get invited to view and capture these life changing moments in my client's lives.

I spend a good amount of time helping to lead a group of high school students searching for the meaning of life, Jesus Christ, at my local parish, Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Crosby, MN as part of a group called Communion and Liberation.

Once a week I deliver mail at the local nursing home with my family. Residents here are so beautiful and so dependent for every moment of their existence. This is one of my favorite moments of every week.

I love watching and helping people with pivotal moments in their lives. Marriage, end of life, births of children, high school graduation, etc.

Life is made up of beautiful moments and so many times I wish I could freeze time in order to be able to soak the beauty in more fully.

I think this is why I'm a photographer.