Sneak Peek

Exploring with film at Grand Superior Lodge

Minnesota Film Photographer

Over the past 6 months I've been exploring with shooting film for a couple of reasons.

  1. It slows me down and pushes me to make better compositions because each press of the shutter costs me about $1.50
  2. The COLORS.  Oh my I love the colors. I love how you can change the exposures and processing combinations to manipulate the colors you get in return.
  3. There's something about the analog process of actually creating a new thing, in the real world, the instant you press the shutter.

Here's an image from Megan and Barry's wedding at Grand Superior lodge shot with Kodak Portra400 push processed two stops.   I love the colors.  Love, love, love them: the richness combined with the softness, her skin tones to die for, the inky blacks, the subtle transitions, all of it.

Canon AE-1 with 50/1.8 at 2.2.

A Classic Black Tux.... always works brilliantly.

Wedding at Greysolon Ballroom Duluth, MN

The classic black tux always works, is always in style and raises the bar of sophistication right to the top.  Brock is sporting a classic black tuxedo by Hugo Boss that complimented his and Laura's wedding to a T. It is also an opportunity to make a solid investment into your wardrobe as there will undoubtedly come many opportunities and events where this ensemble will prove its value.