Gabriele + Justin | Perham, MN's Saint Henry's Catholic Church Wedding!

What a beautiful wedding day! I've seen many weddings (over 150 now) and Gabriele and Justin's first dance was indeed my very favorite!  The dance to Swept Away by The Avett Brothers and Justin would start Gabriele on a spin, let go and just let her spin and spin and spin.  It was so beautiful.   

Super fun wedding party, beautiful Catholic wedding, a lovely golf course and my friend Garrett Tetrick helping me shoot. It was a great day. 


Be sure to roll-over the video once it start and change the quality to from "Auto-HD" to "1080p" in the bottom right corner for the best quality slideshow. If the playback becomes a little "jerky" try a lower quality setting. You can also make it full screen if you'd like.