Matthew + Leah | Whitefish Lodge Winter Wedding in Crosslake, MN

Time really flies! I met Leah when our family moved in next door to her's. She would babysit for our family and she used to have to ride her bike to our house because she was too young to drive!  Now she's married... to a good man too, thank God!

The day before Leah and Matthew's wedding our family had to borrow their Jeep in order for my wife to be able to get to work because of the freakish weather of Minnesota's 2013 weather.  The wedding day, however, had glorious weather: sunny, warm, no wind. It was a really beautiful day in Crosslake.  

The wedding ceremony was at The Log Church in Crosslake, MN by Leah and Matthew's family friend, Ken, who is the pastor at Providence Community Church, also in Crosslake.  He conducted a beautiful ceremony of matrimony.

After the wedding the celebration took place at Whitefish Lodge and Suites in the Crosslake Town Square and it was a terrific celebration!