Steven + Mariya | Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary Wedding | Duluth, MN

I absolutely love the liturgy. It is the difference of submission versus grasping, You versus me, serving versus taking, love versus affirmation.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary in Duluth, MN offers so many beautiful pockets of light, which is particularly helpful on days when it snows twice, rains twice and the wind blows hard off of Gitche Gumme! Supportive family, fun and loving friends and a sacrificial couple make for a beautiful wedding day.

We started at the Cathedral in Duluth, stopped at Canal Park for a few images with the wedding party, made a quick stop at the University of Minnesota - Duluth Medical School and ended the day at the DECC's Harborside Ballroom for a beautiful reception and dance.

Ceremony - Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary
Reception - DECC's Harborside Ballroom